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As the Grant Lady

Independent Publisher, For Us Publications

BOOK: Get Your Money, Honey! A Student's Guide to Staying Alive, 1984 

NEWSLETTER: For Us Women's Newsletter of monthly grant listings for people of "all flavors" 1983-1985 & 1997-1997

*Grants Consultant*

*Grants Lecturer*

*Grants Writer*

Doctor's Desk

Medical Tribune 1994

-"Sleepwalker Acquitted after Killing His In‑laws," Medical Tribune News Service, July 7, 1994

-"FPs Preparing to Enter the Computer Age," Medical Tribune for the Family Physician, June 7, 1994

-"Options for Vitiligo Patients Improving," Medical Tribune for the Internist and Cardiologist, June 2, 1994

-"Vegetarians Are Healthier, but Most Americans Still Want Meat," Medical Tribune News Service, May 27, 1994

-"Update on Treating Vitiligo," Medical Tribune News

Service, April 18, 1994

-"Here's Help in Keeping up with Curious Patients," Medical Tribune for the Obstetrician & Gynecologist, April 7, 1994

-"Twins Face Health Risks," Medical Tribune for the Obstetrician and Gynecologist, March 24, 1994

Personal Stuff

The Black Collegian Magazine

-"Money for You!" November/December 1984


Columbia Road Newspaper

-"D.C. Home Seekers Got MUSCLE!" Nov. 1984

-"How to Survive While in College", Sept. 1984

-"School's Out, Keep the Kids Reading," June 1984

-"Women as Business Owners," May 1984

-"Getting Money for College," March 1984

-"The Destitute are Not the Only Hungry," March 1984

Washington Afro-American

-"Racism Draws That Fine Line," March 1984

-"Fighting Injustices of Big Corporations," Feb. 1984


The Washington Post

-"Coping with School & Children," November 1979


The Bay State Banner Newspaper

-"What's Happening!" 1974


The Mennonite Messenger

Love in a Troubled City, 1974

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